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“Holly has been an incredible resource to my career search. Holly initially provided me with career counseling as I tried to figure out which career track was right for me. She consistently challenged me to question my talents and interests in order to figure this out, and her optimistic and insightful attitude was invaluable. Through our communication she always encouraged me to think deeply about each career path not just in terms of where my skills lie, but also in light of what makes me happy.

After I had identified which types of careers were right for me, she helped me to rewrite several cover letters for specific job postings and showed me exceptionally useful methods for writing all future cover letters. I now feel confident in my cover letter and resume – something that I never thought I would say – and feel that I could reformat the information in them for any other job posting that I might want to apply to.

I cannot say enough good things about Holly and the services that she provided to me. She was consistently available for communication and always responded to my emails promptly. She is not only enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive, but is incredibly talented at this line of work. I would recommend her to anyone in any stage of their career search.”


“Right from the first introductory meeting, I knew that Holly Klose was going to be a great help to my career search. Her enthusiasm for my quest made me feel uplifted and energized.

Holly put me through several rigorous (but fun!) exercises that clarified my job skills and career "personality". This helped me to see where I belong in the world. Holly knows how to do this in a way that makes it less of a task and more of a game. The end result is that you have a set destination with a clear-cut map of how to get there.

I cannot recommend Holly Klose enough for any career-seeker. Her insight and gentle prodding will take you on a journey you will never forget. By the end of your time with her, you will see yourself in a very clear light, and you'll be armed and ready to get your dream job.”


“I'm a return customer. I handle 100's (if not 1,000's) of resumes a year myself (as an HR professional), so I know quality when I see it. I also know from having tried other coaching services AND resume assistance services that you really excel at what you do. You ask the right questions, you're on top of the inside scoop in the industry, you're patient, and your end product is brilliant!”


“Holly is a phenomenal career coach who has helped me tremendously with not only great career advice but launching my business as well. She assessed my situation and created customized, attainable goals for me while being incredibly supportive along the way. If you need any kind of career advice, Holly is the one for the job.”


“Holly was the ideal career coach to kickstart my job search, as well as to brainstorm and enact a larger career search. She is the ideal combination of encouragement and practicality: her enthusiasm is inspiring but she keeps your feet planted in the real world job search. Thank you, Holly!”


“Holly has been a wonderful resource to me during my job search. She is an innovative and creative thinker as well as a practical problem-solver. The positive energy and confidence that she exudes have inspired me to stay positive and confident during these challenging economic times. Holly is an excellent writer and editor who knows how to present and market one for today's selective employers. Her genuine care and concern for her clients extend beyond the work day. If I have had an interview or a question that needs to be asked to a prospective employer, she generously offers her time and expertise. I highly recommend her-- Holly is top notch!”


“Holly was a tremendous help with developing my cover letter [in her cover letter workshop]. I've always found them challenging but with her insights I was able to produce a number of quality cover letters. Her feedback on everything from the overall format to crafting examples of my work experience proved indispensable. I would recommend Holly to any of my friends on the job hunt.”


“I hired Holly as a career coach and as promised, she was motivational and enthusiastic! Not only did Holly help overhaul my resume and craft cover letters, she was also extremely accessible. I emailed Holly with tons of questions about networking, salary negotiation, and many other aspects of the job hunt. She always answered promptly, giving me sound advice in a supportive tone.”


“Holly was very supportive in my endeavors, she guides gently and lets the customer define their own goals. Holly really helped me prepare for interviews, get my resume completed and focus on what I wanted to do next. She was very easy to work with and professional.”


“Btw, a very experienced recruiter commented highly on my resume, saying it's sharp, and the presentation is superb. Thanks for all the help and advice you provided!”


“I participated in one of Holly's workshops on Cover Letters and it was just what I needed. I finally understood what information goes on the resume, what goes on the summary part of the resume and what goes on the cover letter. The idea and concept of what a cover letter should be and how to structure it in now clear to me. Additional to this Holly provided great career and job search advice. I think Holly does a very good job in keeping the workshop casual and friendly and at the same time being very didactic. She is great at using examples and getting the participants into finding personal examples. We were all engaged from start to finish.”


“In the two times that I spoke with you, your help was invaluable...

  • You strike an excellent balance between following my lead / allowing me to direct the conversation / process, and taking the lead as an expert in the field who can spotlight avenues to pursue that I did not know existed.
  • You strike an excellent balance between being personal and being professional.
  • You are an engaged listener and a clear communicator.
  • You get to the heart of the matter, without being too intense, controlling, or rushed.
  • You take on the role of "helper" rather than an ego-centric approach.
  • You regularly check in to make sure that you understand things correctly.
  • Before we finished our conversation, you asked if there were other things that I wanted to get to: opening the door for me to bring up issues that I might not have had the chance to address.
  • You read the profile attachment I emailed before you spoke with me, rather than skimming over it as we talked. That made me feel that my situation was important to you.

High fives all around.”


“Thanks for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts with me. You are a wonderfully energetic and inspiring motivator and it is great to have you as a “cheerleader” in my cause! I appreciated your many useful suggestions and am going to start regularly searching the job boards on the various websites that you mentioned - in fact I am creating an auto-tab session in my browser so that I can open them all at once at the click of a button! :)

I am already more encouraged about my job-hunt since having met with you yesterday; thanks for drawing my attention to the wide range of tools that are available to aid in this process. I look forward to celebrating the end of my search together with you someday, hopefully in the not-too-distant future!”


“I would really like to reiterate how helpful it was for me to talk to you the other day and how useful it has been for me to update my resume into a much more presentable form. I've used it many times since I spoke with you, and I feel really glad to know that I'm sending something out there that I'm proud of again for its content and how it is presented.”


“It was indeed helpful to talk to you because hearing myself talk and have answers to your questions was certainly reassuring. I thought your resume suggestions were particularly helpful and, most importantly to me, at least sounded based on logic and strategy -- clearly not just your arbitrary formatting or vocabulary preferences. So that was great.

I also noticed that you had asked whether [my boyfriend] is on board with this [my dramatic career change] -- an absolutely critical question, to be sure, to ask someone who has a someone special or a spouse to share their life with. In general, I think it's probably smart to recognize all the factors which figure into our decisions about jobs and whereabouts -- health, benefits, access to cultural things and other resources, interesting people, commute, comfort, safety -- personal considerations which we may stoically brush aside when pursuing some idea which may rear their heads down the whether or not your partner is on board with your plan.

Encouraging me to check for resources already at my fingertips (i.e. connections, seeing if I can take paid or unpaid leave) was also a good reminder for me to get out of my comfort zone and double check on things I assume are impossible, since I'm not as proactive about that. I think asking what my next two concrete steps are going to be (referring to the 4-hour work week) was also particularly helpful.

You are a good motivator :). You're, like, the antithesis of a critical parent saying "you're quitting your job w/ benefits to do What?”

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